As a native to Los Angeles, Harper developed a career as a child actress. She headlined many television programs such as “Minnie and Me” on the Disney Channel and “Eye on L.A.”, as well as booking the face of the International Gerber Baby Food campaign, commercials and advertisements for the 1980’s. However, she was very resistant towards the industry, so she refused to continue her already highlighted career at a young age to focus on her creative ambition. 

At the age of eighteen, Harper left the United States and began her printmaking career at the Lorenzo de’ Medici School of Fine Art in Florence, Italy. She received a very positive response from the local and international art community and thrived in the etching studio. Since that time she has grown her practice from traditional print techniques to processes which embody many multi-media methods. During her 13 years living in Western Europe, Harper was able to exhibit her unique style at galleries and salons around the world, such as The Louvre, Salon Gustave in the Eiffel Tower, the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and many more. She has contributed her knowledge of process and intense artistic ethics working for internationally famed studios, such as the International School of Print in Venice, Italy and the Jeff Koons Sculpture Studios in New York. Harper has now brought her studio to New York where she continues her work daily.


"The approach to my art practice is merely physical evidence of my evolution personally. I cannot write about my work without writing about my life. The act of production itself is solely my standard routine of shutting off the intellect within my control. This daily practice allows me to access an environmental silence while enabling my natural creative impulses to prosper, without any external influence. Any movement or materials used can be categorized as decisions made with my minds background when my foreground is silent. Although I have a solid grasp on the access to my process, the appearance of my subject matter is largely unknown to me. I receive my subjects as an image in my mind, already a finished work of art. After the creation of the work, I move on. The reasoning behind any appearance of subject remains completely unknown to me and does not reveal itself until I am already wrapped up in the creation of my next work. When my mind is unfocused and I have forgotten my subjects, I then understand why I created it artistically and how it was necessary for me personally."


2007- Lorenzo de’Medici, Florence- Drawings for juried exhibition
2009- Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco- Painting exhibition.
2009- Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing- Monoprint for exhibition
2011-  Leeds College, United Kingdom- Etching for juried exhibition.
2013- Gallery 825, Los Angeles- Etching for juried exhibition.
2014- Boulevard 3, Los Angeles- Featured artist for RAW Showcase
2014- Shark Club, Orange County- Etching exhibition
2014- Analigital Gallery, Los Angeles- Solo show
2014- TAG Gallery, Santa Monica- Monoprint for California Open
2014- Higher Path Gallery, Los Angeles- Etching for juried exhibition
2014- Eiffel Tower, Salon Gustave, Paris- Etching for juried exhibition
2014- The Louvre, Carrousel Salon, Paris- Etching for juried exhibition
2014- Premio Arte Catania, Sicily- Etching for juried exhibition
2015- Biennale di Palermo, Sicily- Etching for exhibition
2015- Casa di Dante Alighieri, Florence- Etching for exhibition
2015- Museo di Dante Alighieri, Florence- Etching for exhibition
2015- Atelier Home Gallery, Trieste, Italy- Solo show
2015- RomArt 2015 International Biennale, Rome- Exhibiting artist
2015- Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Chelsea, New York- Etchings and sketch work for exhibition
2016- Artifact gallery, Lower East Side, New York
2017- Good Luck Dry Cleaners, Brooklyn New York- Featured works for resident exhibition

2011- 2opcollective- Published a selection of etchings in weekly issue.
2013- ArtQuench Gallery (November)- Artist of the month publication
2014- Effetto Arte Magazine (October)- Featured artist story
2014- ArtQuench Magazine (December)- Featured artist story
2015- OverArt Magazine (January)- Featured artist story

2014- Tiara Arts Studios (Summer session)
2014-15- La Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venezia (Winter Resident)
2016- Jeff Koons LLC (Sculpture Studio Assistant)

2014- Salon Gustave Eiffel Best New Artist Award
2014- 1st Catania Prize Nomination
2015- Sandro Botticelli Prize Winner